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After 21 years Phil and Jan have now retired.

Thank you to everyone who joined them at Quadpraphoenia!


Quad biking for children had officially arrived.

One day back in 1994 a small family business was launched deep in the heart of the Cheshire Green Belt. This was no ordinary business this was the begining of Quadraphoenia Childrens Quad Bike Party. A whole new concept in childrens parties. Quad biking for children had officially arrived. The very best advise was sought from the land experts to invent the best posssible materials and ideas for the all important first ingredient, the Childrens Quad Bike Party tracks. Of course it had to be the very best of ideas to keep the children occupied, not just a circle, but more of an integrated Childrens Quad Bike Party course.

childreans quad bike party

So after much thought our three Childrens Quad Bike Partytracks were born. Cheshire countryside will never be the same again. All this was done in the space of a day, thanks to our genius digger driver Craig. We already had our Quad bikes, we knew from previouse experience that Suzuki childrens quads were the very best money could buy to do our childrens parties with and of course we already had those. We had ten of them to be precise. We soon found out that childrens parties on quad bikes, at the time, was a very hard concept to sell. Especially to our Mummies and Daddies, who in many cases had not heard of quad bikes for children ever before! Many is the time a slightly worried Mum would say how she had just seen our advert in Cheshire Life and by the way “What IS a Quad bike”? Well, childrens parties went from strength to strength, but then we soon found out that the parents wanted the full Childrens Quad Bike Party package.


kids winning the quad bike trophy quad bike race

Our site is in the middle of the Cheshire countryside

But, just how do you cater for parties with food and seating in the middle of a field? Our site is in the middle of the Cheshire countryside. We had no electricity no running water, not even any shelter. All we had was our tracks and our beloved quad bikes. I even have to own up to the fact that silly sentimental me had names for one or two of my favourite quad bikes. After much thought on just how I could conduct childrens parties including the food and seating I had what I thought to be a great brain wave! Yes, I know, i’ll buy a second hand static caravan and nobody will mind. I immediately contacted a caravan sales yard in Preston, yes, they said, we’ve got just the job.

The caravan was’nt too bad looking and it arrived the day after. All the way from Preston to my lovely Cheshire field. I thought I was Cheshires cleverest bussiness woman. Well, boy did I get into serious trouble from Cheshires Green Champion. The dreaded Macclesfield Borough Council. GET IT MOVED AT ONCE, they said. We can’t have that thing on show in our beautiful cheshire countryside! The next day we had to tow it to the other side of our field, out of sight.

racing Childrens Quad Bike Parties


A lovely childrens birthday party palace

We had childrens parties in that lovely old caravan for years, until the poor old thing started dropping to pieces. We also had lots of trouble with the council, they would’nt leave us alone. Planning permission was sought after, this proving to be a very hard thing to achieve. Cheshire has lots of rules and regulations on outdoor activiies like having a Childrens Quad Bike Party. It certainly did’nt matter to them that all we wanted to do was to provide childrens parties. Nothing more, and nothing less, the rules had to be adhered to. I think the idea of quad bikes on the cheshire green belt was not very appealing to Macclesfield Council. They even decided to charge bussiness rates on our tracks. Later on, we bought a huge porakabin. We purchased it from Manchester United. It cost £500, I really thought we were the Bees Knees then! But, even that turned out to be a complete nightmare.

the childrens quad bike oficeThe cost of transporting it to our cheshire field was massive. The portakabin was so large, it had to have Police outriders on the motorway. It brought a tree down in Stockport and when it got to our lovely cheshire location, it promptly sank into the grass! The poor crane that came to lift it promptley blew up! We eventually got it up and running, painted and decorated and all ‘done up’ to look like a childrens birthday party paradise. We did hundreds of childrens birthday parties in there. But, we still had no electricity or running water. We carried huge water butts there every day. The heating was calor gas and the electricity was a trusty old generator.And yes, SHE was called Jenny. She was a Suzuki after all. Then one day only three years ago, we decided to apply for a real building. Just to imagine doing our childrens parties in a centrally heated building with running water! Everyone said, what a waste of money to even apply. But sure enough, Macclesfield Council gave us the permission to build our lovely childrens birthday party palace. We now have a spectators deck and a huge storage area upstairs. The upstairs is always full of food and goodies for our childrens parties. The quad bikes have changed too.

the old children,s quad bike offive its a shed!

Enjoy the childrens parties on the quad bikes they even come back year after year

They are all looked after very well by Phil and our fabulouse quad bike mechanic John. We have a posh new model of quad bike now. The children love them very much and even have their favourite ones. Incidently, in all these years we have never had a bad quad bike. They all work very hard all weekend. They really are star quad bikes, every one. We could’nt have done any of our busy weekends and made all those children very happy without them. We now have the very rich and famouse coming to us in Cheshire. We don’t seem to have any grumpy parents, they all seem to enjoy the childrens parties on the quad bikes they even come back year after year to our lovely cheshire countryside. Now, thanks to the internet we have visitors from Leeds Liverpool and Yorkshire. Our childrens parties are famouse, and the best part of it all is…. we still enjoy every minute! Jan

Youtube Video – Childrens Quad Bike Party!

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